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The Coach Approach To Parenting

If your ultimate parenting goal for your child is for them to be an independent, self-directed and resilient adult, then you are in the right place!

The Coach Approach to Parenting elevates your communication & parenting style;  you will begin to foster resilience & motivate independence. Perhaps most surprisingly, you’ll notice that your kids will start to become more engaged & communicative, creating more ease & joy for the whole family. It’s truly transformative!

 Hi, I’m Alex and I’m your secret weapon!

I help parents support & empower their neurodivergent kids
(Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities & other Complex Challenges)
Why? … Because, I am one of you!

I know firsthand what it takes to survive and thrive in this special kind of parenthood.
I’m a proud parent of 2 Autistic teens, both with ADHD and Learning disabilities; I understand the heartache, exhaustion, and frustration, along with struggle to find answers, and support for my children.
This is why I became a neurodiversity coach & parent trainer, consultant & special needs advocate.
I’m dedicated to helping & supporting parents like you who are raising kids with an invisible disability.
Go from a family that is coping to a family that … FLOURISHES!

You have the best of intentions and you’re making every effort, but real improvement is still elusive. That’s because you’re focused on changing your child, and you haven’t addressed the most crucial aspect… your parenting.


 Listen up! You’ve got some work to do!

This special brand of parenthood doesn’t come easy. The approach, strategies and tools needed to help your child, and your family thrive are different when it comes to raising kids with complex challenges … and they’re not intuitive.

You essentially need to relearn how to parent, but don’t worry — I’m here to help!

I can’t wait to guide you as you make this fundamental shift that will transform your parenting experience, as well as your family!

Why put off the very thing that will take your family from coping to …. FLOURISHING ?

 The Science & Sense
behind Nurturing Neurodiversity
while Parenting with Resilience

Is a method that teaches you current & proven brain-science based strategies specifically designed for parents raising kids with complex challenges.

Learn how to best implement strategies & tools that will transform you from a stressed, overwhelmed & reactive parent, to a calm, confident, conscious and effective parent!

Experience first hand how my unique strategies create a lasting impact on your parenting, your relationship with your child, and your family’s overall well being, and …

equip your child with the tools they will need to become an independent, self-directed and resilient adult!

Why is Parent Training
so important?

Research proves: parent training not only reduces parental stress and increases their confidence, it also helps to improve children’s attitude and behaviour.
In short, parent training is the key to happy kids and families.

No one said it would be easy … but the
RESULTS are totally worth it!


Deepen your understanding of the WHY behind your child’s behaviour

Discover the balance between guiding your kids & empowering them to become independent & resilient adults

Become a more calm & purposeful parent

Your family is happy, fulfilled & flourishing!