Hi, I’m Alex

I help parents navigate the challenges of raising neurodivergent kids living with ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities and other Brain-Based Differences.

For over 20 years I have worked in the field of Health Sciences as a Regulated Health Professional. I have spent countless hours reading, researching & studying the integral relationship between neuroscience, mental health, and how it applies to all aspects of life.

I am also a parent of 2 amazing autistic teens, each with multiple diagnoses. Through their assessement process, I discovered that I too was neurodivergent, validating my own childhood experiences.

This immersive lens enables me to deliver a wide range of support and resources helping parents deepen their understanding behind “the why” of their child’s behaviours and challenges, strengthening mindset and problem-solving tools needed in order to help guide their children and teens to become resilient, independent and successful adults.

I’m on a mission …

  • To help parents feel more calm & confident !
  • To better understand the inner workings of their child’s big, beautiful, neurodivergent brain !
  • To help parents help their amazing kids flourish & become who they are meant to be, and all that they can be!
Happy Family

My Credentials

  • Certified Neurochange Practitioner: Using current evidence based tools in neuroscience to make a positive difference in people’s lives.
  • ND Consultant for Captains & Poets: A ground-breaking K-12 curriculum teaching self-awareness and self-leadership, empowering kids to be their best selves and live more from a place of ’emotional courage’ and ‘inspired action.
  • Neurodiversity & Special Needs Ambassador for the World Mindset Organisation: A not-for-profit organization that focuses on making a positive worldwide difference through professional coaching services and life-shifting training.

Just like you …

… I know what it takes to raise a child who is amazing & has so much potential, while at the same time not knowing how to best help & support them.

… I’ve sent both kids to therapy & support groups, scoured the internet and drew upon every free resource I that could find

… I ticked off all the boxes, but it still felt like something was missing, that I wasn’t doing something right or that I had missed something.

Family pic -no one said it would be easy ... results... worth it (_)

3 things that I have learned …

#1 Parents aren’t getting the support that they so desperately need

#2 There is a HUGE difference between knowing & understanding

#3 Most parenting resources out there are for Neuro-Typical families

Parents raising kids living with ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities & other brain based differences are experiencing far more stress and frustration than their neuro-typical peers.

I’m here to change all that!

Hard but True Facts

  • Being a kid is harder than ever, add ADHD, Autism, and/or a Learning Disability into the mix and it compounds their challenges.
  • Most parents focus on changing their child, while ignoring their parental influence
  • Change is never easy, but the results are completely worth it.
  • Don’t let fear, or pride, get in the way of receiving the help and support your child & family needs.
  • Every child and every family deserves to flourish

Client Testimonials

“Alex is very knowledgeable in her field, she has a heart and passion for what she does. Undiagnosed neuro conditions exist resulting in people of all ages feeling alone, alienated, and hopeless. Alex notices what what is easily overlooked, misunderstood and sometimes missed. She will show you how to bring out the best in your child and yourself, empower you with the understanding of the science and sense behind behaviours & challenges, create clearer communication, and bring hope, joy and ease to what is otherwise an exhausting and discouraging journey.”

– JB

“I was very fortunate to find Alex Leech. At the time, I was at a crossroads, my son was finishing up Gr.8 and starting high school in the fall. Alex connected me with an outstanding an Educational Consultant to evaluated options for my son; I wasn’t even aware that such a service existed! We are currently working on a plan supporting my son both at home & at school, I now feel much better in the direction that we are going.”

– MC

“Alex has a knowledge base that is second to none. Her care and compassion lead to successful families everywhere.”

– Delphine Rule – Access to Education

“Alex is an amazing coach and an awesome human! She is passionate and makes a difference in so many lives. I highly recommend working with her. “

– TB – mom of 2

“I highly recommend Alex. Within minutes of our first call, I felt at ease. She was able to drill down to what was standing in my way with her thoughtful questions. I now have a clear plan going forward and that is all thanks to Alex!”

– AD

“Alex is an amazing professional – she helps from a place of first-hand experience navigating the world of support and resources available to parents with neurodiverse children. In addition to a breadth of knowledge and experience, she brings warmth, laughter, and joy to otherwise challenging moments. She is wonderful!”

– JH

“Super resourceful for families with children on the spectrum. A compassionate and kind approach to helping and supporting the parents. “

– Sandy McMillan: The Behaviour Team